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We were once a retailer and e-commerce sellers. We totally understand the pain of counting stocks, picking and packing, queuing up at different drop off points as well as managing returns. Updating inventory across platforms is another headache. Yet, we still receive a lot of complaints from client, some may be inaccuracy in packing but some are scams too.

Once we were done with the tasks above, we have no time to run campaigns, promotions and marketing for our store. Hence, we thought of providing an outsource solution, not selling system, but system guided services, to solve the pain points of yours.

We understand that every company is different that’s why we would love to listen from you and see if our solution is fit for your company. Always listening, always helping.



We started off as a retailer in 2016. Times were bad and we started selling on online marketplaces. However, the inventory management of retail and online has been a nightmare for us. At the same time, client always complain about packaging and also faced a lot of e-commerce scam.

Instead of taking it negatively, we took it as an opportunity and provide solutions to brands and e-commerce sellers. Along the way, we develop better system and operation flow to help more brands, Micros and SMEs. We believe in continuous improvement and we are happy to listen from and work with our clients about their feedbacks on how we could improve further.

We want to be near to our clients. That’s why we want to be in the heart of the city, with an aim to provide shorter delivery time and lower delivery cost for our clients. We also believe in urgency of the orders being fulfilled. So we are committed to improve the delivery ratings in their marketplace stores.